Cost of treatment

Cost of treatment

Orthodontic treatment can require significant financial investment but we believe a great smile and healthy teeth are an asset everyone should have.

The cost of orthodontic treatment is influenced by many factors including: complexity of the treatment, length of treatment and type of appliance used. The bespoke treatment plan you will receive as part of your initial consultation will include the cost of your treatment, but here is an initial guide to our prices.

Fees are set as a guideline for private orthodontic services

Deposit for private initial consultation £95.00
Records and Report
(Diagnostic study models, digital photos, x-rays, and written report)
Fixed labial (Outside) braces: Empower etc
  • Both arches
£4,125 - £5,500
  • Single arch
£3,125 - £3,850
  • Sectional arches
From £1,300
Fixed Lingual (Inside) braces: Incognito, STb
  • Both arches
£8,100 - £11,000
  • Single arch
£5,200 - £6,800
Invisalign £4,500 - £6,000
Functional Orthopaedic braces eg: Twin Block, Dynamax £1,300 - £2,000
Removable braces £600 - £1,200
Retainers - Removable
  • Single arch (eg: Essix, Hawley etc)
  • Both arches
NHS additional set removable essix at debond £75
Retainers - Fixed - bonded retainer
  • Single arch
  • Both arches
Retainers – Fixed and Removable
  • Single arch
  • Both arches
Vivera retainers (includes 3 sets)
  • Single arch
  • Both arches
ITERO scan From £275
Emergency/one-off appointment From £195
X-Ray (private referral)
(Patient not registered at the practice)
Mouthguards From £75

*Other than emergency and retainer fees, all fees are subject to confirmation following the provision of a written report. Fees vary with the complexity of treatment.

* a set of retainers will be included in any course of treatment and is not an additional fee

18 months treatments Monthly Cost
Conventional braces upper and lower £145 - £208
Lingual braces upper and lower £250 - £375
Invisalign £210 - £300
Retainers (removable) £200
Retainers (fixed) £30.50

Easy payment plans

At Pallant Orthodontics, we want to make your orthodontic treatment affordable which is why we have flexible payment arrangements available, allowing you to spread payments out over the course of active treatment.

An initial payment of 25% of the cost of treatment is required. The remaining amount can then be paid in monthly instalments by interest free standing order. A typical monthly payment is between £150-200.

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